Miso Wanna Try Bag

Miso Wanna Try Bag

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Each Miso Wanna Try Bag contains:

- 1 soup

- 2 salads

- 3 meals

This plant-based package is perfect if you are looking to integrate some more vegan meals into your eating habits. It gives you the freedom to grab and go, ready to eat meals for your upcoming work week. 

This package comes with two (2) options:

Option 1:


- You order this one time, and receive it once. In order to order the following week, you must manually reorder the plan.

- Our chef will cater the meals for you.

Options 2:


- This option automatically renews your order every week (cancel at any time).

-Our chef will cater the meals for you each and every week.

- Your menu will change weekly.